Program Tracks

Small District and School Track

CoSN has created special programming to meet the needs of education leaders from small school districts and building level technology leaders. Leaders in these organizations have to be part educator, part accountant, part manager, and part technologist. One of the unique challenges facing small districts is finding collaborators who understand their situations. At the 2016 CoSN Annual Conference, you can join your colleagues from small public, private, parochial, charter, and independent schools to discuss the immediate challenges and solutions you face as you strive to be continually connected and constantly learning. You may face significant challenges, but there are resources — and a community of CoSN members — available to help! Ask about the Small District Task Force at the registration desk or CoSN membership booth.

Large District Track

While success in eLearning culture is occurring in school districts of all sizes, the transformation is uniquely challenging for large school districts due to considerations like scale, implementation planning, funding, and professional development. To address the specific hurdles facing large school districts, CoSN is convening large school system CIO/CTOs in a number of sessions as well as a special Large District Forum. Don’t re-invent a wheel that peers have already created; join this distinguished group of technology leaders to jump-start your preparations!

International Track

This track will feature a number of sessions that will take a look at the way technology in education is being used throughout the world.