NEW! A Mindful Start

Tuesday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 14 2018
7:00 AM – 8:00 am

A Mindful Start
Conferences are busy, exciting, and exhausting! Living on autopilot, we go, go, go and keeping up with the rat race pace and endless change is frankly overwhelming.
Ease into your conference mornings with some time and space to increase your internal bandwidth. This one hour session will gently guide you through foundational mindfulness practices that will engage you in the basics of paying attention, focusing, feeling and sensing.


Shannon Pitcher-Boyea is a proud and passionate NYS educator that has served for over 20 years in many leadership and instructional roles including: Principal, Teacher, CSE Chair, Special Ed. Supervisor, NERIC Supervisor, and Instructional/Literacy Coach. Shannon currently serves as a Literacy Coach and owns and operates Breathing Room Mindful Personal and Professional Wellness LLC.

Shannon serves school districts and organizations by providing professional/personal development in the area of mindful leadership, a mindful workplace and how mindfulness can impact your personal wellness and professional performance. She also works with students to activate their inner tools to tend to their social emotional wellness. Shannon also hosts drop-in sessions in her community.

Shannon is available to host customized in-person professional/personal wellness sessions at her retreat space location or she is available to travel to you. For more information go to