CTO Forum

CTO Leadership Forums are held twice a year (at CoSN’s and ISTE’s Annual Conferences) and provide opportunities for district-level technology directors to share information with their peers and keep up-to-date on best practices and solutions to ed tech challenges. CTO Forum Reports are written after each event and made available to members in our Knowledge Center. These events are free, but registration is required.

The Forum at the CoSN Annual Conference is for CoSN members only.

Beyond the Horizon

The world in which we live and learn continues to change rapidly.  Artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving automobiles, and virtual reality are examples of technology changes on the horizon. These technologies will have wide-reaching impact on the ways students learn and the competencies they need to succeed.  The CTO Forum will explore this issue and seek answers to key questions  such as:

  • How will technology changes and advances impact teaching and learning?
  • What are the essential skills that technology leaders need to enable a culture of innovation and digital transformation?
  • How do we build our own leadership capacities while preparing the next generation of CTOs?  


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