CETL Summit

CETL Summit

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 – CETL Networking Dinner – Yardhouse 6:30pm (Pioneer Place 888 SW 5th Ave.)

Thursday, April 4, 2019 – CETL Summit (8AM breakfast; Summit 9am – 1pm)

Cost:  $65 (separate registration required, can be added to your conference registration)

Join your colleagues for this exclusive event for Certified Education Technology Leaders (CETLs) ONLY!  Participate in active discussion and help CoSN develop valuable tools for use by CTOs around the world.

The Context

The 2019 CoSN Conference marks the release of the second publication in CoSN’s new Driving K-12 Innovation series — an initiative that supports the use of emerging technology to transform learning. Nearly 100 K-12 leaders and changemakers comprise the global advisory board, which selected the top five Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers poised to disrupt schools worldwide. In June 2019, the series will be capped off with a toolkit that helps schools take the ideas from the series and initiate the discussions and activities that move them into practice.

The Summit

All over the globe, schools aim to adopt technologies in ways that concretely and measurably bolster effective teaching practices, student engagement, and digital fluency. This kind of large-scale educational progress requires forward-thinking stewardship from school CTOs. As CoSN is in the midst of producing its 2019 Driving K-12 Innovation Toolkit, designed to provide practical tips for school leaders and practitioners, the CTO perspective is crucial.

For example: How can schools better contextualize the use of emerging technologies around better preparing students for the future workforce? What role can technology play in promoting greater personalization for students?

At the 2019 CoSN CETL Summit, participants will get an overview of the findings from the inaugural Driving K-12 Innovation series, discuss the implications for the CTO position, and blueprint a Toolkit companion piece targeted toward empowering CTOs to lead education transformation. This resource will be made available expressly for CoSN members and CETL Summit participants will be attributed.


These activities will be facilitated by Driving K-12 Innovation consultant and former Director of the Horizon Report series, Samantha Becker, who specializes in synthesizing leadership discussions into resources that support the meaningful integration of technology into teaching and learning.

Participant Takeaways

  • Explore the trends and challenges projected by the advisory board, supported by research, to shape schools’ use of technology.
  • Connect these “disruptive” topics directly to your work, discussing the complex relationships between them (e.g., How does the notion of students as creators impact strategies around technology and the future of work?)
  • Create a collaborative resource, as an add-on to the CoSN’s toolkit, that aids CTOs and CoSN members in exemplifying best practices for driving K-12 innovation at the school and district levels.

Participation in the CETL Summit also earns four (4) Continuing Education Activity (CEA) points toward recertification.

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